Global health saves and improves lives

What if we could do it faster, cheaper, and better?
We can. With Ki.

Accelerating the development of global health solutions

Ki, which stands for knowledge integration, gives researchers access to a huge trove of integrated data and the tools to analyze it in powerful ways that generate new insights quickly.

Our Results

Data, discovery, and decisions

Ki collects and standardizes many disparate data sets so they can be explored together. Then, interdisciplinary teams make new discoveries by examining this data in novel ways. Finally, these discoveries allow researchers and practitioners to make more strategic decisions about interventions in the field and directions for further study, feeding the virtuous cycle by generating more data.

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An unprecedented knowledge base

Researchers from around the world have provided data to Ki from more than 190 studies representing almost 12 million children from 36 countries.

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Ki’s initial areas of focus are stunting, wasting, and neurocognitive development, but Ki is applicable to a wide range of challenges in global health, and we will add more focus areas over time.

Our areas of focus

How we got here

In 2013, the Gates Foundation created the Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development (HBGD) initiative to answer some of the toughest open questions in global health. HBGD included an initiative called HBGDki, tasked with maximizing the value of the studies the foundation supports by integrating and reanalyzing the data for many different purposes. Ki is still focused on how children grow and develop, but it changed its name to make it clear that this data-driven way of working is not limited to one field or initiative but can advance knowledge in almost every area of inquiry.

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