At the recent Grand Challenges India Meeting, we made important connections and plans with local researchers in India toward achieving our goals of eliminating stunting globally through Precision Public Health.

In preparation for the meeting, the HBGDki team created a data science/data story/data visualization production line for community engagement, including 8 tightly linked presentations to stimulate broad and deep discussions about:

  • HBGD goals.
  • Data analytics.
  • Knowledge integration.
  • Data harmonization.
  • Data exploration with HBGDki tools.
  • Model use to turn data into knowledge.
  • Adaptive trials and the digital child.
  • Data visualization with the ki Data Journey platform.

Outstanding presentations by local researchers supported the healthy 2-way dialogue about important issues including community care of the sick infant, nutrition and WASH interventions, integrated farming, and early child development.

Researchers in India are excited about collaborating with HBGDki. The 24 PIs surveyed by Thea before the meeting responded:

“In addition to sharing data, I would like to be an integral and integrated member of the HBGDki initiative that provides domain expertise to relevant modeling and analysis teams on an ongoing (weekly) basis” (71% respondents).

“In addition to scheduled, structured presentations, I would like to explore and interact with data visualizations of HBGDki data sets to support my work as a Principal Investigator” (79% respondents).

Early feedback after the Grand Challenges India Meeting confirmed that the meeting successfully solidified understanding, dialogue, and partnerships.

Data Sciences Training Workshop at Grand Challenges India Meeting

In addition to an important discussion about “Designing Our Partnership Going Forward,” the HBGDki Action Lab led by Ryan, Samer, Shasha, and Thea included a Data Sciences Training Workshop. Imagine this: late into the afternoon, 60 participating principal investigators and their teams were engaged in compelling hands-on training on the data tools that are being made available to the community (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Grand Challenges India Meeting attendees participating in the HBGDki Data Sciences Training Workshop

HBGDki is currently exploring options for additional workshops in the future. Selected tools and training material will be made available via the website in the future.