HBGDki is using 2-week multidisciplinary data rallies to develop actionable answers to specific questions about child growth and development.

The HBGDki Rally strategy led by Shasha and Alexis is based on principles from Agile software development. Solutions to big problems are developed by collaborative, multidisciplinary teams who work on iterative mini projects.

The purpose of the rallies is to develop actionable answers to specific questions about child growth and development. During the 2-week rallies, the HBGDki multidisciplinary rally subteams, that include the rally master, domain experts, and ki data scientists (Figure 1), develop models using data contributed to HBGDki and report the results to the HBGD Working Group.

Figure 1. HBGDki Rallies: multidisciplinary rally team.

Rally concepts

  • Define the problem that the rally team aims to solve.
  • Solution needed: motivation, value, importance, and beneficiaries.
  • Hypothesis and questions that focus the rally data analysis and modeling.
  • Data sets used in the analysis, and reasons for data set selection.
  • From data to discovery: high-level steps and results along the way.
  • Key findings: final results, importance, and potential improvements from the results.
  • Future plans: further analysis and implementation toward actionable knowledge.

Rally procedures (Figure 2)

  • Rally planning: deciding on goals and planned outputs.
  • Daily conference calls to report on progress and impediments.
  • Technology discussions to review analysis and modeling methods.
  • External presentation of final rally results to the HBGD Working Group.
  • Retrospective review by the team to inform iterative improvement.
Figure 2. HBGDki Rally components, participants, and goals.

An overview of growth trajectory rally planning is provided on Sharepoint here.

In addition to formal presentation of results to the HBGD Working Group upon completion of each 2-week rally, rally reports are posted on the HBGDki Rally site on the Open Science Framework (OSF) platform.

The first 2 HBGDki Rallies were completed in June 2017. Reports about the rallies will be included in forthcoming issues of the HBGDki Leadership Communication.


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