The Grand Challenges team is in the process of finalizing three calls for proposals related to data science for global health, including one for Brazilian teams answering Brazil-specific MNCH questions and focused on data from the Bolsa Familia social insurance program. All of these calls will be under the aegis of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE).

At ki, we are excited about these GCE calls because they begin to deliver on the promise that ki produces public goods and is not only internally focused. The data sets we are integrating, the analytical tools we are developing, and the team science process we are constantly improving are meant to be available broadly so that more people can do more creative things with data to answer more questions.

This is our first attempt at a data-related challenge, and we hope to apply the lessons we learn to future challenges. We plan to issue these regularly to encourage more kinds of innovators from more places to use a wider variety of data to develop solutions that matter in communities around the world. We also hope that in countries like Brazil we can start to encourage data scientists and public health experts to see the potential in building collaborative communities even outside the sponsorship of GCE.

We will provide additional details when the calls are officially announced in the coming months.