The ki team traveled to India recently to check in with ki India colleagues. After spending two days presenting some of our results, one of our leading Indian partners asked, “When will be able to use the data we’ve contributed to ki to make decisions here in India?”

Photo from India Rally Workshop

It was a very good question, so to start to answer it, we decided to sponsor a data science “rally” focused exclusively on the India-related data sets in our knowledge base. Rallies, a ki process innovation that borrows from the agile methodology in software development, enable public health researchers, data scientists, and policymakers to iterate around a focused problem and get to actionable insights as quickly as possible (for background on Ki’s “rally process,” visit our methodology).

The goal of the India-focused rally is two-fold:

  1. To provide a detailed description of all the India specific data in our knowledge base, along with visualizations to help people digest it more easily.
  2. To conduct an analysis to describe the epidemiology of stunting and wasting in India.

Following the completion of the first two-week sprint, we will host a webinar to present the results to our India partners, including the PIs who contributed studies to the knowledge base.

Our objective is to give investigators in India a clear sense of the data that’s available and the data gaps that need to be filled—and to elicit ideas from them about the kinds of questions they would like to see answered. We believe this will give investigators the context they need to begin to set their own agenda for future data analyses.