MNCH-D&T (Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health-Discovery and Tools) is ki’s most important internal partner for 2018.

All of MNCH-D&T’s work is based on a new growth and resilience framework. The goal is two-fold: to maximize children’s physical and cognitive growth potential and to minimize the damage done by illnesses and other insults that could prevent them from realizing that potential.

MNCH-D&T is made up of four initiatives:

  1. Optimize Birth Outcomes for Mother and Newborns
  2. Support Thriving in the Community
  3. Optimize Prevention and Treatment of Acute Illness
  4. Strategic Data Analytics and Synthesis (SDAS)

SDAS, led by program officer Dr. Laura Lamberti, is ki’s primary interface with MNCH-D&T. It is unique at the foundation—basically, an internal think tank working with ki, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, and the Institute for Disease Modelling to help the other initiatives be more effective. It will do this by supporting more accurate estimation of disease burden, modeling the cost and impact of potential interventions, and answering outstanding cross-cutting questions. The creation of SDAS is an exciting signal that the foundation is continuing to be ambitious about what it looks like to be data-driven.

For ki, working with SDAS will not only enable us to help MNCH-D&T achieve its goals; it will also yield lessons about how ki can be incorporated into the work that other program strategy teams are doing. We are learning now about the kinds of questions teams need answered, the context we require before conducting analyses, and models of engagement that generate the most useful insights with the least amount of money and time.