KI Tools

Ki is using state-of-the-art tools, including modeling and visualization methods, to understand and analyze data in the Ki knowledge base.

By curating and aggregating data sets into the Ki knowledge base, we can work with collaborators to use these tools to ask bigger and broader questions about healthy birth, growth, and neurocognitive development.


This application allows users to perform clinical trial simulations to evaluate the pros and cons of different trial designs.

Segmentation Explorer

Better understanding of nuanced differences and similarities between countries, to improve the effectiveness of recommended global policy.

FREM Explorer

A tool that helps design better clinical studies to promote child growth so that every child has a chance to live a healthy and productive life.

Influence Search

A search engine for discovering and understanding the influence interrelationships between birth, growth, and development.

Seminal Events Timelines

A tool that highlights existing knowledge and identifies gaps to advance research in child growth and development.

Study Explorer

The Study Explorer is a tool that helps you to understand the contents of individual studies contributed to the HBGD knowledge base.


Trelliscope enables data scientists and study researchers to interactively look at data in detail.